I absolutely love the crocodile stitch (or the shell stitch) and the amount of texture it creates for things like booties, scarves and even purses!  For this pattern I kind of just went for it, with no directions in hand, and I am quite proud on how it turned out.  Take a look:

The handles show how much I’ve loved this purse, I carry it every day and get a ton of compliments! Luckily it’s all cotton so it’s easily machine washable and once again like new.

For this project I used a 4.0mm hook, Caron Simply Soft yarn in Charcoal Heather, and White.  The great thing about this design is you can change the base stitching to shape the purse in anyway you want,  If you want a wide purse that fits just right under your arm this is perfect, but if you want something more narrow you can always shorten the initial chain to make it smaller.

If you are interested in the flower that I created you can find the pattern for that here.  I stumbled upon this beauty on Pinterest and it took me a couple of tries before I got it the way I wanted.  If you are familiar with blueprint patterns this will be super easy, if not the best tip I can give you is after you complete the first round turn your flower over and sew the next round in the original chain.  This stumped me until I found this awesome video on YouTube.  There is no verbal direction as she works the yarn, but it’s a great visual on how each round works, and hopefully helps you try it.

If you are interested in a full pattern of this purse, please comment on this post and let me know.  If enough people are interested I will get started on writing it down!